Gabriella Böhm

To the director of TUBITAK,

For reasons that we fail to understand, TUBITAK did not renew the protocol with the Bogazici University in 2008. Since then, a steady attrition of the staff followed as the contracts of part-time participants were not renewed and no post-doc positions were opened. In spite of this, seminars and workshops continue to be organised at the Institute.

This week it was announced to the institute that it would be attached to
the Informatics and Information Safety Research Center at the Gebze campus of TUBITAK as of July 15, 2011. This effectively means the closing of the Institute.

Apparently TUBITAK is not convinced of the value of fundamental research in theoretical physics and pure mathematics. In spite of the total number of visitors, conferences and national and international summer schools with participants from all over Turkey and abroad, TUBITAK does not see a value to keep Feza Gursey Institute operational.

We request TUBITAK to reverse its decision to dissolve the institute. We strongly believe that dissolving the one and only institute of its kind in Istanbul would cause irreversible damage to the progress of theoretical physics and pure mathematics in Turkey.

Dr Gabriella Böhm
Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Budapest,


The Minister of Science, Technology and Industry, Nihat Ergun
Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı
Tandoüan / ANKARA


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