Gerald A. Goldin

Today I received the distressing news that the Feza Gursey Institute
based at Bogazici University in Istanbul, is to be effectively downsized
or closed. Kindly correct me if this information is not correct.

I know that as a scientist from abroad, my opinion on this decision
may not be very important. But I would like to respectfully suggest that
the decision be reconsidered. Although I have no direct connection with
the Institute (and thus no self-interest in the matter), I am aware of the
important work in mathematics and theoretical physics that takes place
there, and of the international relationships with scientists from many
countries that the Institute fosters. As a recipient of the Humboldt
Research Prize in physics, awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt
Foundation in Germany, I am quite aware of how important international
collaboration — such as that promoted by the Feza Gursey Institute —
is to our progress in fundamental scientific understanding.

While I write as an individual, I would like to mention that
I have been a member of the Standing Committee of the International
Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics conference series
for many years. Among its other activities, the Standing Committee
co-sponsors the Wigner Medal with the Group Theory and Fundamental
Physics Foundation; it is one of the most prestigious awards
in theoretical and mathematical physics. Erdal Inonu, who was
associated with the Feza Gursey Insittute, was the 2004 recipient
of this award, which recognized his extraordinary contributions in
the area of group contractions. The continuing distinction of Turkish
scientists in theoretical physics, who follow in such eminent footsteps,
has been enhanced substantially by the Institute’s activities.

It would be a great loss both for Turkey and for the international
scientific community if the Institute were to be diminished or closed.

Thank you for your kind attention,


Gerald A. Goldin
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
University Director, Science and Mathematics Education
Rutgers University – New Brunswick
New Jersey, USA


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