Hidenori Sonoda

July 13, 2011

Dear Prof. Dr. Nüket Yetiş:

I am writing to express my strong support for the Feza Gürsey Institute in Istanbul. I am a theoretical physicist studying elementary particle theory in Japan. In the past I have visited the institute three times and have got to know the members and the working of the institute.

I was shocked to receive news that TUBITAK is about to reorganize and relocate the Feza Gürsey Institute. This decision is a grave mistake to be revamped. Fundamental research in mathematics and sciences has many important roles to play in a fast growing country as Turkey: it provides a sound foundation for higher education in science and technology, but it also adds to the strengths of the Turkish industries either directly or indirectly. Please note that no country is strong in technology and innovation without a serious commitment to fundamental researches in math and science. Look at Germany, for example.

Luckily it is quite cheap to support mathematics and theoretical physics compared with other areas of sciences that require expensive lab equipments. There is no reason not to support the Feza Gürsey Institute, the only TUBITAK research institute dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics. Reorganization is a bad idea because the institute can function only with its independence. Relocation is a bad idea because the institute has so much to benefit from being located in Istanbul, rich in natural beauties and histories.

I am certain that this letter is merely one of the many letters of support you will receive on behalf of the Feza Gu ̈rsey Institute. I hope this letter will help you realize the magnitude of the mistake. It is not too late to drop the plan of reorganization and relocation. I hope that you will finally restore the support for the institute that it deserves.

Sincerely yours,
Hidenori SONODA
Associate Professor of Physics
Kobe University


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