Naresh Dadhich

Dear DR Yetis,

I am shocked and immensely pained to hear that TUBIKTAK is contemplating closing down the FGI with which I have had very fond memories. I had visited it for two weeks in 2007 on invitation and gave a course of seminars on gravitation, and then also passed through for a day last year to give a seminar. I also owe a special fondness because it was my revered friend, late Professor Y Nutku who was one of the founders of this world class institute.

None can feel the pain and anguish than me because I had the privilege of building a similar institute, IUCAA ( along with renowned astrophysicist, Professor Jayant Narlikar and it is gratifying to see it flourishing as one of the centres of excellence as well as a powerhouse for growth and strengthening of Astronomy and Astrophysics in the Indian universities. Of course we have all modelled on ICTP and such institutes have come up in both developed world like Santa Barbara Institute for Theoretical Physics and Newton Institute in cambridge as well as in the developing world like besides IUCAA, IPM in Tehran and National Institute of Theoretical Physics in South Africa. One of the main aims of such institutes is to energise the university scientific community and provide a forum for people to come together, exchange and crossfertilize ideas, and grow them into discoveries.

Thus an institute like FGI is a great asset for Turkish Physics and it has not only to let it grow but has to be strengthened and supercritically supported. It would be a sad day if this wonderful and innovotive experiment is nipped in the bud. I would therefore request you and your colleagues on the Board to excerise all your wisdom and consideration before taking the momentous decision.

If required I would be more than happy to do my bit for the wellbeing of this great institute in whatever form you consider fit, you just need to send a mail.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

-Naresh Dadhich
Former Director & Emeritus Professor
The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics,
Pune, India


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