Rainald Flume

Minister Nihat Ergun, Ankara,Turkey

Your Excellency,

I hear with consternation about the decision to close down the Feza Gursey Institute for mathematics and theoretical physics, an institution of international reputation – a decision, which will certainly be deeply deplored within the communities of mathematicians and physicists. But more important – to my opinion – is the loss, Turkey will suffer through this shut down.

I had the chance to get acquainted with the late Professor Gursey, one of the outstanding theoretical physicists of the last century,some thirty years ago. His devotion to science, his visionary insights struck everybody coming into contact with him.I realised that many of my Turkish colleagues and friends have been formed along patterns laid
down by Feza Gursey. Professor Gursey’s legacy belongs to the culteral heritage of Turkey which lives on in the institute bearing his name.

It should also be mentioned that the institute with its vivid activities of high standard in the abstract sciences acts as a focal point for all of the Middle East region. I appeal to your Excellency to revise the decision about the shut down of the Feza Gursey Institute.

Yours sincerely Rainald Flume.

Prof. Dr. Rainald Flume
Physikalisches Institut,Universitaet Bonn,
Nussallee 11, 53115 Bonn, FRG


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