Ron Donagi

Nihat Ergun, Minister of Science, Technology and Industry,
Prof. Nuket Yetis, TUBITAK President,

I would like to add my voice to the growing list of academics encouraging you to reconsider the decision to terminate the Feza Gursey Institute as an independent research center. The Feza Gursey Institute is a world renowned center for research in physics and mathematics, and a major asset to Turkish science. The benefit it brings your country in terms of academic productivity and international scientific recognition far outweighs the very small cost of operating it. I had the pleasure of visiting FGI about ten years ago as part of a special year on Integrable Systems. My lectures there, along with those of several other participants, ended up forming a Cambridge University Press book which bears witness to one of many successful activities at FGI. I encourage you to reconsider the decisions to terminate FGI as an independent institution and to attach it to the Cryptology Research Center. Please allow it instead to continue as an independent institute, which will continue to produce top high quality scientific work and to enhance Turkish science and its connections with the outside world.

Ron Donagi
Professor of Mathematics
U Penn


About fezagursey

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