A joint letter to Nükhet Yetiş and Nihat Ergün from Helene Esnault et al.

to the Minister of Science, Technology and Industry,
Nihat Ergun

to the TUBITAK President
Professor Nuket Yetis

At the end of March 2011, we organized a joint workshop on Algebraic
Cycles at Feza Gursey Institute. We gave a series of lectures.

There were students attending coming from Turkey, Germany, some from
other places. The workshop was easily able to attract senior
mathematicians who came over for listening and discussing.

It was financed by our grants (we paid the flights for ourselves and
the junior people around) and by Feza Gursey which paid the hotel for
the speakers, and common dormitories for the students.

It has been an extremely fruitful week. Most of us are currently
writing down an article related to the topic of the workshop. A
Turkish colleague is currently visiting Essen, working on a topic
related to the workshop.

This workshop appeared on TUBITAK’s Monthly Bulletin April 2011 Issue,
page 11.

In fact, we organized a joint workshop on related subjects at Feza
Gursey Institute in June 2010, with another distribution of speakers (most
notably Johannes Nicaise from Leuven, Belgium).

Prior to this, in February 2010, a number of Turkish mathematicians were
invited to a high profile conference on algebraic geometry and arithmetic
http://essen2010.sfb45.de/ in Essen. Both Essen and Istanbul were the European
capitals of culture 2010, this was for us an occasion to give our contribution
to this cultural and scientific event.

We just heard with bewilderment that Feza Gursey Institute will be
closed by a unilateral (*) decision of the current administration of
TUBITAK. This concerns us tremendously. We can not think of any better
opportunity to bring over to Istanbul renowned scientists to exchange
ideas with Turkish mathematicians and students.

We ask you to think over this decision which is a blow against the
scientific ties between Turkish and foreign mathematicians.

Alexander Beilinson, the University of Chicago (USA)

Spencer Bloch, the University of Chicago

H’el`ene Esnault, Universit”at Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

Moritz Kerz, Universit”at Duisburg-Essen

Marc Levine, Universit”at Duisburg-Essen

Kay R”ulling, Universit”at Duisburg-Essen

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