Eric M. Friedlander, President of the American Mathematical Society

Dear Minister Nihat Ergun,
Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry
Dear Professor Nuket Yetis,
TUBITAK President

As a friend of Turkish mathematics, I write to encourage Turkish
Science to support fundamental research in mathematics. As President of the
American Mathematical Society (AMS), I assure you that Turkish mathematics
is very strong, with many international connections. I personally know many
excellent Turkish mathematicians; currently, one of my Ph.D students is

Although I do not presume to know what is the most effective way for
TUBITAK or other Turkish government agencies to support mathematics, I know
that this is an opportune moment for more investment and more innovation in
mathematics. I regret the abrupt “closing” of the important Feza Gursey
Institute (FGI): whatever changes are envisioned, it is surely best to
retain this institute with its important visitor program and international
conferences. I encourage the leaders of science in Turkey to work with FGI
to encourage national and international collaboration, starting with the
retention of FGI at its present location.

Turkey knows that supporting fundamental research in science and
technology is essential. Mathematics lies at the center of science and
technology: mathematical innovations have led to dramatic scientific
advances and commercial applications. Supporting excellence in
mathematics is a crucial (and cost-effective) way for Turkey to increase
its prominence in this increasingly technological world.

Please work to preserve and strengthen fundamental mathematics in
Turkey, starting with a decision to retain the FGI in its current location
together with a strong mandate to increase collaboration. If the AMS can
help the Turkish scientific community to plan, expand, and evaluate
mathematical programs, please let me know.

with best wishes,

Eric M. Friedlander
President, American Mathematical Society


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