To Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Nihat Ergün,

TÜBİTAK Scientific Board, at its meetings on June 5th 2011 and June 10th 2011, decided to affiliate Feza Gürsey Institute for Fundamental Sciences in Istanbul, Kandilli,to Center of Research for Advenced Technologies of Informatics and Information Security  based in Gebze and which is also within the body of TÜBİTAK, by July 15th 2011.Although it seems that the institute will continue its presence in Gebze, its affiliation to a center with which it does not share any fields of study means de facto closure of the institute.Thus, it will be impossible for the basic sciences institute that bears the name of Feza Gürsey-an exceptional scientist in the history of Republic of Turkey – to fulfill its mission.

The number of scientists at the institute has been dropped to four in recent years after contracts of part-time researchers have not been renewed and post-doctoral researchers whose term of office expired have not been replaced by new researchers and this made the institute’s rendering services difficult.

Despite all these unfavourable facts, the small number of scientists at the institute have so far organized many meetings, seminars and schools and published international publications, devotedly. Feza Gürsey Institute that is the only institute in the field of theoretical physics and mathematics in Turkey, has been one of the most successful research institutions in Turkey with these activities.

While the scientific community expected that the  Feza Gürsey Institute is to be supported to attain the level of similar international institutes such as Max Planck Institutes in Germany,  National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy(INFN), Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, Academy of Sciences in Poland, The Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Iran, Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Korea and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, USA, today we witness that efforts are exerted to make it disfunctional and move it to Gebze in order to affiliate it to a center irrelevant to research carried out in the field of basic sciences.

Respected Minister, as you acknowledge , Feza Gursey Instıtute has been established  as a model with the aim of adding momentum to research and development in Turkey. Its closure means giving up in Turkey this successful model implemented in leading countries in science and technology such as France, Germany, USA and Japan with slight differences.

We, the undersigned, hope that this mistake will be corrected as soon as possible, the institute will remain at its present location in Istanbul, its means will be increased, staff in particular, for it to develop and similar institutes will become widespread in other provinces where there are universities.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter,


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