H.C. Peter G.O. Freund

Dear Minister Ergün,

I found it highly disconcerting to learn of the planned move of the famous
Feza Gürsey Institute (FGI) from its current location on the Bogazici
University campus in Istanbul to a campus in Gebze. For all practical purposes
such a move would be tantamount to closing FGI, for thereby its participation
in the forefront of the Turkish and indeed of the worldwide theoretical
physics research enterprise would be nothing short of paralyzed.

Professor Feza Gürsey was one of the major theoretical physicists of the
second half of the twentieth century. We were close friends and I got to know
firsthand his deep originality and his stunning erudition. It is befitting for
Turkey to honor one of her most distinguished sons, and supporting the FGI is
an excellent way of doing so. The institute itself is in good hands. Of those
directly associated with it, I know Prof. Yavuz Nutku, who got his Ph.D. at
our university and who first came to my attention as a brilliant student in
some graduate courses I taught. Now, years later, it is clear that he has
lived up to his early promise.

I strongly urge you to continue to support the FGI in its current location on
the Bogazici University campus. This serves not only the memory of a great
Turkish scientist, but furthers the excellence of Turkish science.

Sincerely Yours

Prof. Dr., Dr. H.C. Peter G.O. Freund

Department of Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Tel: +1(773)702-8881


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