A joint letter to Nüket Yetiş from Hidenori Sonoda et al.

Prof. Dr. Nüket Yetiş

President of TUBITAK

Dear Prof. Dr. Nüket Yetiş:

We are writing this letter to express our strong support for the Feza Gursey
Institute (FGI) in Istanbul. We think it important to keep FGI as an indepen-
dent research institute dedicated to fundamental research in theoretical physics
and mathematics. Not only as a center of research on its own, FGI has been
functioning as a meeting place that promotes research activities of mathemati-
cians and theoretical physicists in the Istanbul area. Situated in a cultural
and historical city of Istanbul, FGI has been hosting workshops and advanced
schools that attracted many scholars and students both from Turkey and from
abroad. To have such an institute is vital for the future growth of Turkey. Please
reconsider the plan to reorganize and relocate FGI.

Sincerely yours,

Signed by those whose names
appear on the following pages.

cc: Mr. Nihat Ergun, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology

The above letter posted on http://www.phys.sci.kobe-u.ac.jp/~hetweb/fgisave/
was signed on the web site by the following 57 physicists most of whom study
elementary particle theory in Japan.

Hidenori Sonoda
Associate Professor
Physics Department, Kobe University, Japan
E−mail: hsonoda@kobe−u.ac.jp

Takahiro Terada
Bachelor of Science
the University of Tokyo
E−mail: takahiro@hep−th.phys.s.u−tokyo.ac.jp

Mitsuhiro Kato
University of Tokyo, Komaba
E−mail: kato@hep1.c.u−tokyo.ac.jp

Associate Professor
Mie University
E−mail: matsuna@phen.mie−u.ac.jp

Hiroshi Suzuki
Senior Research Scientist
E−mail: hsuzuki@riken.jp

Kei−ichi Maeda
Waseda University
E−mail: maeda@waseda.jp

Kenichi Okumura
Kyushu University
E−mail: okumura@phys.kyushu−u.ac.jp

Akihiro Nakayama
Faculty of Engineering, Meijo University
E−mail: spock@meijo−u.ac.jp

Tsukasa TADA
Vice Chief Scientist
RIKEN Nishina Center
E−mail: tada@riken.jp

Kazumasa OHKUMA
Aassociate professor
Fukui University of Technology
E−mail: ohkuma@fukui−ut.ac.jp

Atsushi Watanabe
Niigata Univ.
E−mail: watanabe@muse.sc.niigata−u.ac.jp

Hideo Nakajima
Prof. Dr.
Utsunomiya University
E−mail: nakajima@is.utsunomiya−u.ac.jp

Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
E−mail: t.hayata@nt.phys.s.u−tokyo.ac.jp

Kouichi Toda
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Physics, Toyama Prefectural University
E−mail: toda@pu−toyama.ac.jp

Norisuke Sakai
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
E−mail: sakai@lab.twcu.ac.jp

Yasuhisa ABE
Dr. Visiting Scientist
RCNP, Osaka Univ. JAPAN
E−mail: abey@rcnp.osaka−u.ac.jp

Kenji Nishiwaki
Postdoctoral fellow
Kobe University
E−mail: nishiwaki@stu.kobe−u.ac.jp

Kentarou Mawatari
PhD, postdoc
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
E−mail: kentarou.mawatari@vub.ac.be

Itoh, Katsumi
Niigata University
E−mail: itoh@ed.niigata−u.ac.jp

Ryo Suzuki
Utrecht University
E−mail: R.Suzuki@uu.nl

Posch Paul
E−mail: posch@post.kek.jp

Takehiro Azuma
Setsunan University
E−mail: azuma@mpg.setsunan.ac.jp

Seung−il Nam
Korea Aerospace University
E−mail: sinam@kau.ac.kr

Nobuyoshi Ohta
Kinki University
E−mail: ohtan@phys.kindai.ac.jp

Koji Hashimoto
E−mail: koji@riken.jp

Hiroshi Kunitomo
Associate Professor
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Kyoto University
E−mail: kunitomo@yukawa.kyoto−u.ac.jp

Kazuhiko Sakakibara
Nara national college of technology
E−mail: sakaki@libe.nara−k.ac.jp

Hiroto So
Ehime University
E−mail: so@phys.sci.ehime−u.ac.jp

Satoshi Nakamura
postdoctoral researcher
Jefferson Lab
E−mail: sxnakamura@gmail.com

Ikuo S. Sogami
Deputy Head / Professor
Kaskawa Institute, Kyoto Sangyo University
E−mail: sogami@cc.kyoto−su.ac.jp

Jro Arafune
Professor emeritus
University of Tokyo
E−mail: arafune−j@jcom.home.ne.jp

Tomohisa Takimi
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
E−mail: tomo.takimi@gmail.com

Ryoji Okamoto
Emeritus Professor
Kyushu Institute of Technology
E−mail: okamoto@mns.kyutech.ac.jp

Shogo Tanimura
Nagoya University
E−mail: tanimura@is.nagoya−u.ac.jp

Nobuhito Maru
Assistant professor
Keio University
E−mail: maru@phys−h.keio.ac.jp

Associate professor
Setsunan university
E−mail: nakatsu@mpg.setsunan.ac.jp

Satoshi Ohya
University of Pisa
E−mail: satoshi.ohya@pi.infn.it


Division of Physics, Graduate School of
Science, Hokkaido University
E−mail: kawamoto@particle.sci.hokudai.ac.jp

Masako Asano
Associate Professor
Seikei University
E−mail: masako_asano@st.seikei.ac.jp

Tomoaki Nagasawa
Associate Professor
Tomakomai National College of Technology
E−mail: nagasawa@gt.tomakomai−ct.ac.jp

Takuya Morozumi
Associate Professor
Hiroshima University

Yasumasa Imamura
Request for FGI survival
BAIKA Women’s University,Osaka pref.,Japan
E−mail: imamura@baika.ac.jp

Yoshihiko Kayama
BAIKA Women’s University
E−mail: kayama@baika.ac.jp

Kazunori Takenaga
Associate professor
Kumamoto Health Science University
E−mail: takenaga@kumamoto−hsu.ac.jp

Rohta Takahashi
Associate Professor
Tomakomai National College of Technology
E−mail: takahashi@gt.tomakomai−ct.ac.jp

Hidenori Fukaya
Assistant Professor
Osaka University
E−mail: hfukaya@het.phys.sci.osaka−u.ac.jp

Kohkichi Konno
Associate Prof.
Tomakomai National College of Technology
E−mail: kohkichi@gt.tomakomai−ct.ac.jp

Hisaki Hatanaka
Postdoc Dr.
Osaka University, Japan
E−mail: hatanaka@het.phys.sci.osaka−u.ac.jp

Motoi Tachibana
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, Faculty of Scienc
e and Engineering, Saga University
E−mail: motoi@cc.saga−u.ac.jp

Hiroshi Yoneyama
Saga University
E−mail: yoneyama@cc.saga−u.ac.jp

Izumi Tsutsui
Associate Professor
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
E−mail: izumi.tsutsui@kek.jp

Fumihiko Sugino

Principal Investigator
Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics
E−mail: fumihiko_sugino@pref.okayama.lg.jp

Masafumi Kurachi
Kobayashi−Maskawa Institute, Nagoya University
E−mail: kurachi@kmi.nagoya−u.ac.jp

Shigemi Ohta
E−mail: shigemi.ohta@kek.jp

Matthew Wingate
Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Physics
University of Cambridge
E−mail: M.Wingate@damtp.cam.ac.uk

Aurel Bulgac
University of Washington
E−mail: bulgac@uw.edu


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