Alain Lascoux

To the attention of the Honorable Nihat Ergun, Minister of
Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey

Dear Minister,

Receiving the news about the closing down of the Feza Gursey Institute,
I take the liberty to write to you.
Institutes like the Feza Gursey Institute play a fundamental role
in the development of scientific culture and communication inside a
country, as well as creating or strengthening the links with the
scientists in other countries.
Two examples in mathematics can be given. The Oberwolfach
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut in Germany has played a crucial
role in the renewal of German mathematics since 1960.
Similarly, the “Centre International de rencontres Mathematiques”
in Luminy, France, is also considered as playing an essential role
in the international reputation of French mathematics. Similar
Institutes have been more recently created, or are planned in different countries.
The Feza Gursey Institute is of similar type, and should be preserved
for the development of the scientific culture in Turkey.

Alain Lascoux,
Directeur de Recherche Emerite,
Universite Paris-Est, France


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