Philip Kow-Lung Chang

Ref. Save Feza Gursey Institute

As one of Prof. Gursey’s Ph.D. students from Yale University, I started my
academic career at METU 44 years ago and had the chance to get acquaintance with
the colleagues and students at that time. A great numbers of my former students have
become the core members in scientific and educational community in Turkey holding
important posts in promoting the fundamental sciences. Our constant communications
and ever lasting friendship make me always regard Turkey as my second home
country where I have most of my friends besides Taiwan.

Here comes the sad news recently that TUBITAK are going to restructure/
or phase out FGI where I just paid a visit in May 2011 in memory of Prof. Feza
Gursey’s 90 anniversary, and delivered a series of lectures based on the book that I
wrote to dedicate to the Gurseys. It is almost impossible for me to imagine that an
academically independent research institute in honor of Prof. Feza Gursey, a great
physicist/mathematician of world caliber, will disappear in Turkey where he was
born, raised, educated and had devoted himself for her scientific advancement.

Hereby I sincerely make a request to Minister Nihat Ergun, Dr. Husnu Tekin and
Prof. Nuket Yetis to reverse the decision on FGI’s restructuring or being absorbed
by BILGEM. I shall not restate the rezones you have received from the scientists of
local academic community as well as from the academic friends all over the world
that Turkey needs an academically independent FGI, one point I shall emphasize is
that the planned scientific and technological research and development is important
and cost effective for sake of national interest, yet a completely independent research
institute such as FEZA GURSEY INSTITUTE at Kandilli, Istanbul for the researchers
of fundamental sciences to have the privilege to enjoy the full academic freedom
in the area of their interest is also of equal importance in the course of civilization
of mankind. I do believe that Turkey can afford the existence of FGI today as she
has been a member of newly developed countries academically, culturally and

Prof. Philip Kow-Lung Chang
Physics Department
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
Former Minister of Environment Protection


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