Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Dear My Excellencies, Dear Friends,

Feza Gürsey Institute is a Center-of-Excellence and represents a high
future potential both in academical-research sense and in
educational-social sense. When I was invited there, by Dr. Kursat
Aker, I learned to know its mathematics branch but also the entire
institution, and I was impressed by the combination of world-class
science and famous Turkish hospitality which this center aims at and
with a cordial devotion of its leadership and whole staff goes for.
Since that time, I follow announcements and news about and from Feza
Gürsey Institute, and by various correspondences with colleagues from
Turkey and abroad I know about its really positive effects, its
growing impact in science, its attractivity and ability to gain
premium specialists and the youth to the Institute, to Turkey, as well
as to become a Showcase of modern Turkey and its special chance to
contribute to eduction and better understanding in its most precious
sense, within the family of nations. I am deeply impressed by the
Institute, would personally try to further do what I can to support
it, to serve in connecting it with universities, various other
organizations, and to contribute to further excellence in both
disciplinarity (e.g., basic research) and interdisciplinarity (e.g.,
future applications that can sustain).

With this sight and with a spirit of hope, Feza Gürsey Institute could
and would serve Turkish Republic and all its many friends all around
the world, as one of the finest “Houses of Embassy” which it has, as a
“Treasure”, for improvements in education, economy, the financial
sector and the environment, for the real core elements of civilization
on the globe that are needed to prepare better living conditions of
the many people that we care for together.
Please let me heartily ask you to let this unique option not go under.
Respectfully yours,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Prof. Dr.), Institute of Applied Mathematics,
METU, Ankara, Turkey


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