Ivan Fesenko

Dear colleagues,

I am writing in relation to the proposed decision of TUBITAK to dissolve FGI and merge it (as a small sub-division) to the National Cryptology and Information Security Institute located in Gebze, a small industrial town close to Istanbul, and I would like to ask you to reconsider this decision.

FGI and its current location is one of the most important centre of research in pure mathematics and theoretical physics in Eastern Asia, if not the most important. Maintaining FGI at its current location and giving more financial support to this institute will help Turkish scientists to become European and world leaders. This institute is viewed by many foreign mathematicians as the national pride of Turkey in the area of pure mathematics. To preserve it deserves every effort of the Turkish government and national research councils.

Other countries, like Korea and China are buidling new international research institutes, with their numbers becoming larger every year. A good solution in the case of FGI could be to preserve the current FGI at its current location and simultaneously establish a second research institute at Gebze.

Your sincerely,

Ivan Fesenko

Chair in Pure Mathematics

University of Nottingham

Nottingham NG7 2RD

United Kingdom


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