Bernard Helffer, President of the SMF, French Mathematical Society

Paris, le 25 juillet 2011

Nihat Ergun
Minister of Science, Industry and
Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakani
Eskisehir Yolu 154

Dear Minister,
I am writing as President of the SMF (French Mathematical Society), to express our
deep concern about the plans to close the Feza Gursey Institute. We feel this would
be a serious mistake, with very négative consequences for the further development of
mathematics and theoretical physics in Turkey.
In about fifteen years, the Feza Gursey Institute has become a renowned and active
centre for multi-disciplinary research in mathematics and physics. It has played a
crucial role in the training of Turkish researchers and in the consolidation of
scientific international collaborations. Many french mathematicians (of the highest
level) have visited in the last years this institute. Hence, its termination will result into
a great loss and will diminish Turkey scientific presence and influence in the
scientific world.
We strongly hope that the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry will reverse
its plans about FGI.

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Helffer
Président, Société Mathématique de France


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