Christoph Kopper

Professor Nukhet Yetis
Director General of TUBITAK
Ataturk Boulevari 221
06100 Kavaklidere
Ankara, Turkish Republic

Dear Professor Yetis,

Over the past fifteen years the Feza Gursey-Institute has become an important institution in
mathematical physics. It was on its way to join other important european institutions like the
Newton-Institute (UK), the Institut Poincare (France), the Forschungszentrum Oberwolfach
(Germany) or the Erwin-Schroedinger-Institute (Austria), dedicated to high-level research
and training in mathematics and mathematical physics. Its funding and its operation have
been acknowledged internationally with gratitude to the funders and to all the volunteers.
For all these institutions funding is of course based on recurrent evaluation, confronting
them with highest quality standards. And it seems natural to us that the Feza Gursey-Institute
should aspire to those same standards.
On the other hand, our understanding is that the present mission of the Feza Gursey-Institute
ends today, Friday July 15 2011, and that it will henceforth be subordinate to an applied
program under new leadership. We fear that this might put into danger all that has been
achieved by funding and hard continuous work over the last fifteen years. In fact, funding
fundamental science should be viewed as a long term investment over several decades, and
abrupt changes or sudden stops deprive the investors from collecting their long term
interests. After one week it has already become evdident that the international community of
mathematicians and mathematical physicists will greatly regret the disappearance of the Feza
Gursey-Institute together with its missions. There will be many loosers, in particular among the Turkish students in the named fields. On the other hand it is hard to imagine who may be
the winners: The budget of the Feza Gursey institute was very modest in relative size,
and the promotion of science requires funding of all of its branches to the benefit of all
of them.

Let me join my colleagues in asking you to reconsider this decision and to assure the future of
the Feza Gursey-Institute together with its missions!

Best regards,

Christoph Kopper
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Vice-president of the Physics department
Ecole polytechnique, France


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