Bernard Teissier

Dear Minister,
Dear Mrs. Yetis,

July 26, 2011

I visited the Feza Gürsey Institute last year on the occasion of a CIMPA meeting on
commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. I formed at that time a quite positive impression of the development of the Turkish mathematical community and of the role of the FGI in this development, in particular with respect to the formation of young scientists.
As former president of the board of the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, which is a center for
Mathematics and theoretical Physics, and was on several occasions threatened with relocation, I have some experience in such matters.

I do not believe that the modifications planned for the FGI would allow it to continue to
play such a positive role. Considering the nature of the Tubitak Bilgem research center I am
tempted to think that these modifications constitute a serious mismanagement of scientific

Bureaucrats may believe that integrating the FGI would make that center scientifically more
efficient, but that is not the way science works and in all probability the FGI would simply
wither and die. It would be a dire loss for fundamental research in Mathematics and Physics
in Turkey, and I need not remind you of the numerous studies that have shown how important these are for applied research.
Judging from my own reaction, it would also affect the opinion which european and world
scientists have of the management of Science in Turkey and of TUBITAK.

I urge you to reconsider this decision, keep the FGI in place and help it to continue its efforts
to fulfill better and better its national mission of creation and dissemination of high quality
fundamental research.

Bernard Teissier
Director of research (Emeritus), CNRS, Paris.


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