Ganapathy Baskaran

To Minister of Science Industry and Technology Mr. Nihat Ergün,

Respectable Minister, Greetings. I am sending this email requesting you to continue nurturing and growing Feza Gursey Institute. For a growing nation the need for high level science can not be underestimated. At the national level the small money spent on theoretical physics will have enormous value in the long run. My own country, India, is an example. Through the freedom struggle and poste independence period a minimal level of high level science was nurtured and grown by our government. It has paid off well. Understanding nature in all its depth and beauty should help humanity to evolve to a better state. It will make nations stronger. The old Arab civilization and recent European and American civilization are great not for their money but for what they have done in the field of mathematics, science, literature and culture. I know colleagues in theoretical physics from Turkey. I have great respect for them. They have been doing the commendable job of training excellent students and keeping up with ever growing developments in the world of theoretical physics. My humble suggestion is that for its great potential, Turkey as a nation should have more than one Feza Gursey Institutes in many fields of basic sciences. Thank you for listening and with best wishes,

Prof G Baskaran,
FASc, FNA, FTWAS The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai 600 113, India
Distinguished Research Chair Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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