August 17th, 2011

We have had several meetings among involved scientists and university
administrators and are at the following stage:

A number of meetings about the fate of Feza Gursey Institute was held.
In a final meeting held at Bogazici University on August 17th the
following developments came forth:

1. Bogazici University who used to be the host university of the Feza
Gursey Institute declared its intention support Feza Gursey Institute
in the form of providing and refurnishing the building as well as
financing the scientific meetings planned for the rest of 2011.

2. President of Bogazici University is going to meet the Science,
Industry and Technology Minister in September. With the backing of
several universities, their presidents and the mathematics and the
physics community, the President of Boğaziçi University the demands
of the mathematical sciences community:

a. Feza Gursey Institute to be funded through TUBITAK or
another branch of government, to continue to act as a research
institute in the areas of theoretical physics and mathematics;

b. Feza Gursey Institute to be related to a multitude of
universities, to be promoted to become a regional and international
center as an independent mathematical sciences institute.

All parties involved in this meeting expressed their strong wish that
Feza Gursey Institute not only to continue to act as a model research
center in Turkey, but many similar research centers to flourish
throughout Turkey.


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